Oncology Rehab is now partnering with Akasha Mind-Body Wellness to offer monthly meditation classes. Classes include instruction on various meditation techniques, followed by time to meditate using the technique learned that night.  Since it began in July, we have covered the body’s physiological response to meditation, guided imagery, and mindfulness.  Attend all classes, or just come when you are able.

Studies show the effectiveness of meditation in reducing stress, blood pressure, anxiety and depression, while increasing immune function, feelings of well-being, and pain relief. It is also effective in improving clinical conditions of cancer treatment symptoms, chronic pain, PTSD, and insomnia.

The classes meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 7:00-8:00pm at Oncology Rehab and are $25 per class.  They are open to Oncology Rehab clients, caretakers, or anyone else who has an interest in learning and practicing meditation.

One does not need to be a client of Oncology Rehab to participate.  Sign up in advance at www.akashamindbodywellness.com, or just pay at the door.

All classes are taught by Megan Koepsell, RN, BSN, HTP, a nurse with a passion for holistic health and certification in Mind-Body Medicine.  For questions, please contact Megan at mindbodyRN111@gmail.com, or call 303-906-4536.


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