During November 2017, Alaina Newell worked with Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) to do a webinar on the benefits and misconceptions of physical therapy rehabilitation for colorectal concers....

Check it out here: Fight CRC - November 2017 Webinar



Very Nice and informative article. I am very motivated after reading it.

12/19/2017 4:03pm

It is really nice to know that there are websites just like this one that is actually spreading awareness with what cancer is. There are people who are not aware of the symptoms of cancer that's why sometimes; it’s too late for them to make things right for their health. I would like to thank you for starting something beautiful like this. This will help a lot of people and encourage those who have this condition to keep on fighting! You are all a gift from above!

12/15/2017 3:14am

Nice Post!! Great job:)) And also Keep posting...

12/19/2017 5:17am

I didn't know about the physical therapy and colorectal cancer side effects until I just saw this. Thanks a lot for posting the information and letting me know about the link between them. It has been of assistance.

Every surgical procedure, including plastic surgery, carries certain risks. Plastic Surgery could go wrong as it has many risks and side effects. Every week, cosmetic surgeons perform thousands of operations successfully. However, each patient should know that a treatment is never completely safe.

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